Ham Radio


I will be operating Portable from the Lake – Kalamath border at roughly 43.426425,-121.333265, on a ridge end looking east and south. I’ll be running mixed mode: SSB and CW. Log two contacts, ORLAK and ORKLA (ex is ORLAK/KLA), per qso. Equipment: Elecraft KX3 + Amplifier, 40/20/15 dipoles at 60+ft in ponderosa trees, 1kW generator, Astron RS-25A and N1MM+ on an XP netbook.

My primary goal for Ham radio is backpacking and Summits on the Air (SOTA) activations.

I enjoy doing hobby electronics and making my own designs. Pictured here is an attempt at making an all-band qrp radio, which failed miserably due to some design flaws, but I’m still learning transciever design.

All my ham radio designs are done fully Open Source in software that is freely available and open source where possible.

QSL – I will 100% QSL. Paypal $1 international, $0.50 US to my e-mail address avaialble for the postage. IRC’s and cash should not be sent, the post office here doesn’t know what to do with an IRC, and I just have to wait in line to use it. An SASE that I can drop in the mail works perfectly. I’ll sign any counties cards too provided the QSO was valid and in my log. SWLers should give me 3 consecutive contacts in a row.

PSK31: NO MACROS. If you press F3 to hit your brag roll, I’ll just tune away. Buh-bye.

Altoids Tin QRPp Rig

First view:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBLEqTVUgEY