So many adjectives…

Hiker, Nerd, Ham Radio operator, Engineer, Amateur Chef, purveyor of corny jokes, back country skier, swimmer, and back country janitor.

I enjoy hiking in any form I can.  Summer hiking, rain hiking, snow hiking with snow shoes (sometimes called ‘snowshoeing’ for some odd reason’), long distance backpacking, or short distance hiking.

Wintertime I’ll either be on skis or on snow shoes, out in the back country with either the fat skis or the thinner skis on groomed trails depending on where the snow is.

Along with friends, I helped start Friends of the Central Cascades Wilderness, a non-profit focused on boots on the stewardship, and not any form advocacy.  We partner with the forest service to clean up TPF – Trash, Poop, and Firerings.  There are plenty of trail focused non-profits out there – Oregon Pacific Crest Trail Alliance, etc.  There are plenty of political and advocacy groups out there – Oregon Wild, etc, that lobby for the forest service to do things, and are there to try and tell the forest service how to manage the forests.  We do none of those.  We just help out, since there are so few wilderness rangers that are actually out in the back country.

I graduated from OSU in 2005 with my masters in Electrical Engineering, and in 2002 with my dual bachelors in Physics and Electrical Engineering.

In my professional life I use my electrical engineering degrees to do system design, PCB design, reliability analysis, RF design, and embedded programming.    Currently at Microsemi in Bend, I design production test equipment – Things to test other things – If I explain it more, I’m gonna bore you to tears.

Outside of work, I get to try new cooking techniques and recipes, and working on various nerd projects.  I am a ham radio operator, callsign Alpha Echo 7 Echo Uniform (AE7EU), and enjoy operating remotely from low noise areas, or combining my enjoyment of the outdoors and my enjoyment of ham radio by operating from the top of a mountain.