7QP Pixie-Plaque

This is a silly little design that I built up to be a plaque.  The history behind it was that I probably got drunk and was like “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if instead of a useless plaque that costs us $35 to get laser engraved/etc, we could have an actual radio that people could use to make a contact with?”  Thus, the pixie plaque was born:

It is 100% open source.  It’s basically a pixie with an SI5351A clock generator, a divide-by N counter to reduce phase noise, an ATMega32U4 (which supplies USB connectivity) and a cheapo Nokia display out of china.  The entire bill of materials, including the PCB, connectors, 3d printed parts, was designed to be under $29 in total volume.  A sponsoring club (in the case of 7QP, the Central Oregon DX Club, CODXC) would need to put together a build party to have the boards assembled, as production assembly in the quantities that I was thinking isn’t very realistic.  The idea never really got traction, but hey, if you want your QSO party to have a cool plaque… here are the files: PixiePlaque.zip.  I hereby release these to the world under GPLv3.