7QP 2017

Yaknow, I can’t say too much about 7QP this year.  It went splendidly, save a few whoopsies from Murphy.  My van decided to throw an O2 sensor error and stutter a bit on the way down.  The mason line got tangled around my arm while launching a 2oz lead shot up over the 100ft pondy, leaving me with a nice manly rope burn.  And it snowed on us Friday night.  But, everyone had fun, we didn’t beat our score from last year, but we had some great pileups, and worked almost all states save Nebraska and South Dakota (which have always been hard for me).  On behalf of myself, KU7F, WN7K, W7JHR and W7SCY, a shout out to all that participated!  Here’s my 3830 post:

For the 4th year, AE7EU (ex AE7IK) activated the county line at Lake/Kalamath at
my special little spot. Up on a ridge, this place boasts easy driving access
and 100ft ponderosas. This years activation was a bit of a comedy of errors
and Murphy. Driving down, my van decided to throw a check engine light. For
the entire weekend, I was afraid the transmission had gone out (Code check
later said O2 sensor) and I was going to have to worry about how to get back
home. Arriving Friday, we got started setting up antennas, and my first
attempt at launching a length of mason line snagged around my arm, giving me a
nice little bit of rope burn. We got the haul lines up and over the trees
though, and our 80/40 dipole hit 75-80ft, the TA33jr was up and securely
pointed east, despite the winds that were picking up trying to blow the line
off the trees. Which later turned to snow.

Antennas up, we went to set up the radio, and I’d forgotten a power cable for
my power supply. No matter, Jim had brought his. But we were getting RF in
the audio, which wasn’t diagnosed until Saturday morning after the first few
contacts. So we switched from my kx3 + Jim’s KXPA100 + My SB200 to Brain’s
TS440 + My SB200. Things worked well after that, though we didn’t really get
cooking on the bands until 20m really opened up later on in the morning.

Lunchtime found I’d forgotten the avocados and cucumbers…. How are you
supposed to have a good salad with just spinach, carrots and onions? Ohwell,
worse things to have forgotten.

Once we got a pile started though, they just kept on rolling. None of us are
iron-butt operators. There were times where I could keep 150Q/hr rolling no
problem though, and it’s really hard to give up the reigns at that point. Our
score wasn’t as good as last year, and we missed South Dakota and Nebraska, but
all things considered I’m quite happy with how things turned out. A big shout
to all those who were patient in the pile, and we look forward to doing it
again next year! (Minus, of course, Car issues, wind, snow, rope burns, food
issues, RFI and forgotten cables 🙂


Snow on ground with antenna up in the air
Snow on the ground at Lake/Kalamath County Line, 7QP 2017